Albina Urbanek

Night cruise in Amsterdam (2020)

35,4x35,4x1 in ~ Peinture, Huile

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Painted red on the sides, no need to frame, ready to hang on a wall.
Dated, signed, delivered with certificate of authenticity.
Currently not available for sale as it is on display in the gallery.

The painting is executed in my favorite warm colors, colors of love and dreams.
In this painting love is everywhere from the lighted windows of houses where families gather to the magical reflections of the lights on the water of the canals ...
I captured an unforgettable night cruise for a young or maybe middle-aged couple in love.
Irregular fantastic forms of dancing houses and the sky consecrated by a magical midnight moon create this exciting unforgettable experience.
In one of the windows, someone lonely peers into the evening reflection of city lights in the waters of the canal and recalls or dreams of his own happy moments of life.
And even a cat sitting by the window, cannot break away from all these exciting glares.
There are sad and as well pleasant sensations from this warm summer night cruise.

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